How to start a conversation with a girl on SinDates and have sex with her

My name is Peter. I would like to give some advices to a buddy who doesn’t know how to pick up the girl on SinDates. If you are acquainted with the girl then it should not be a big deal. You can start talking about some book ar movie or hobby that you or she has. The problem is if you don’t know her,if you are a total stranger then it’s tricky. Or in your case I think you have been observing her or had been stalking her silently but couldn’t muster the courage to talk to her. By now you may have known a thing or two about her.

So talk about stuff you as well as she is interested in. But talk confidently…..don’t mumble. Then you can probably compliment her on something you like about her in a subtle way like, “I’ve been watching you read this book, God, it’s my favorite too”, or “you have an incredible voice”, or “what a beautiful name”.. something like that. Basically, you need to start with something that a makes a girl feel good about herself in a genuine honest compliment. I mean, you can’t tell a girl “you are fairest of ’em all” if she is a dusky beauty, or “you sing so good” when she is tone deaf. You need to be honest to her and compliment her on things you feel she’d be proud of about herself. Start away with SinDates my friend… It is easy!:D.

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