Yuusk ideas – What you should never pack for vacation

We all know that a vacation luggage needs to have bathing suit, medications, money and documents, clothes, shoes and items for you personal hygiene. What about things you should never put in your luggage?


Liqueur, wine or anything breakable should not be packed because even if the bottle is very carefully wrapped it may break and it will definitely ruin all you have in your luggage.

Too many shoes

If you wanna save some place in your suitcase then try not to take too many pair of shoes. Also, wear the heaviest pair of shoes on the plane.

Hair dryer 

Nowadays even the cheapest model has a hair dryer in the bathroom so there’s no reason why you should take one from home too.

A ‘maybe’ outfit 

This is something you can afford if you are traveling by car. Select and check your clothes carefully before packing them. Separate items like and you are convinced you will wear them from those you think you might wear. Usually those ‘might war items’ won’t be useful and you don’t want to have no space in your suitcase in case you wanna come home with something you bought there.

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